Unregulated house? The new decree-Law can help you regularize it

More than 300,000 unregular homes of those that exist in Andalusia could have legal status thanks to a new Law, 60,000 of these homes are in Malaga. Although we may think that this is ‘one size fits all approach’, nothing is like this. This rule has been approved by the Junta de Andalucía, and will be repealed with the future Urban Planning and Land Law.

Do you have an unregulated house? The new decree-Law can help you regularize it. The new decree-Law indicates that homes that are less than 6 years old or those that have a firm judgment from the courts, nor those that settle on specially protected land, cannot be legalized. The intention is to end the legal and administrative chaos with a rule based on environmental protection and simplification of procedures.

As every good decree, it works on three levels, the individual, which primarily attends to buildings, the group, identifying the existing population centers, and the general, allowing the incorporation of all this to the General Plans. But the most important thing is knowing if this procedure is effective. The initial approach seems similar to the previous one, perhaps a little bit clearer, but in a nutshell, we must justify the seniority, the habitability conditions and the existence of services, access, water, electricity or sanitation. The final objective is to register in the Record of the Property the urban situation of the existing and completed unregular buildings, in which the administrative declaration of buildings in outside management had not yet occurred. But the declaration of assimilated outside the management of an unregular building does not imply its legalization, nor does it produce effects on those other procedures that would have led to the action taken against the legal system. For buildings declared in a situation of buildings in outside management, the granting of occupancy or use licenses shall not apply.

Now it is time to continue studying the decree, talk to the City Councils to see how this new situation affects the files that are already being processed, and above all, continue working to regularize the personal and real situations of many families.

If you want to take this opportunity and regularise your home, the Manuel Navarro’s architecture studio are experts in urban management. Get in touch with us and we will solve your case as soon as possible. We are in Malaga, on Victoria Street 7, 2nd. Also in the email manuelnavarro@arquitecturamalaga.es and on the phone 952 073 988.